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How to deal with Ah Puch Joust 1v1?Smite.

07/11/2018 · Ah Puch is freaking strong in Joust. - In this guide, we're exploring SMITE Mayan Mage Ah Puch as a mid, going through his abilities, combos, builds, attack cancelling, counters, what not to do and general/combat tips in the game-mode Conquest. But don't worry, you can easily implement this guide into your Arena, Joust. Crazy good alternate Ah Puch build I tried in joust. Now everyone's gone over the "Ah Puch's ult is too strong!" fad and countering it using Sprint 3, those hunters rushing through it to get to ya. No problem!. Just ask that 0/7 Hercules and 2/7 Chaac I was melting like butter.

How to deal with Ah Puch Joust 1v1? Its insanely cancer, he two shots you all game, from start to end, literally just two shots and runs away, he doesn't fight, he just kites and waits on cooldowns, its impossible to catch a good ah punch and i could never win, i repeat never, i even bought two defense items but that doesn't help smack because he still hit me like a truck. Ah Puch is a four damaging ability mage with no escape. You will be relying on a lot of positioning and warding to make him work as his late game potential, even at seiging is insanely strong. You can not just pick this mage every time into every match up as he can.

The last bit is because the post I was responding to was someone saying they're quitting, or thinking about quitting the game just because of Ah Puch. Which is dumb. Oh, I also just read this "His ult basically cancels ALL aggression on an objective attempt," Again, from the perspective of Athena, that's an absolute nope. Ah Puch is pretty bad in Joust because he has no mobity, therefore pick Sobek and he is dead, also Bacchus, Anhur,etc. You need to explote his lack of mobility. Also He Bo can 100-0 him without being hit and his carpet gives him an antislow. You just need to focus him and he is useless. Ah Puch ruled Mitnal, the lowest level of the Mayan underworld. Because he ruled death, he was closely allied with the gods of war, disease, and sacrifice. Like the Aztecs, the Mayans associated death with dogs owls, so Ah Puch was generally accompanied by a dog or an owl. Ah Puch is also often described as working against the gods of fertility. Ah Puch Build STRATEGY Since I am a very stubborn person, I refuse to believe that there isn't a way to make Ah Puch Mid work- lately I've tried a strange build that has been more successful that the typical burst Mage build. Smite's Ah Muzen Cab season 6 builds page. Browse Ah Muzen Cab pro builds, top builds and guides. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds.

Smite's Sobek season 6 builds page. Browse Sobek pro builds, top builds and guides. SmiteGuru - Smite's best source for player profiles, god stats, smite matches, elo rankings, smite guides, and smite builds. 01/02/2016 · I got Ah Puch, and I know everyone says just to mash all the keys and such, but I want to know what they best way to play him is. I think it is better to gank with him, but should I push or gank more often, and what is his best build. Ah Puch, the Horrific God of Decay, is a Mage of the Mayan pantheon in Smite. Buried beneath the crust of the world descends the cruel hells of torment. The topmost of which are realms of torture and vile inhumanities, home to denizens of darkness and malice. Yet, further into the black below. Smite Pro Builds, search and find builds that the Pros use in Smite. Expand your search to select your direct lane counter to get the optimal build for every match you play. Each build lists the Starting Items, Relics, and Final Builds that the Pros used in the Smite Pro League, LAN tournaments, or Ranked matches. In Queue and already know your. Empty Builds This is caused by a lack of data. Without a substaintial amount of data, it can be impossible to produce quality statistics, and the app shows nothing in place of builds which are lacking data, as these would be bad representatives of the actual best- and most popular builds. It's better to show no data, than faulty data.

03/02/2017 · Yes, I'm fully aware of how outclassed Ah Puch is in a competitive level when compared to gods like Vulcan and He Bo who can just poke more effectively than him, and that's not even mentioning his crippling lack of a dash or leap to get him out of danger. However, Ah Puch has very good sustain and can fulfill a niche role as an Area Controller. 29/12/2015 · i've seen someone literally tank ah puch, i didn't understand why at first but then i figured out that even when tanking, his OP as ♥♥♥♥ and if he gets 40% cooldown and gets low health at the tower or near a wall in a fight, he spams he 1 and 3 ability at the wall and picks up as much corpses as possible and his cooldown. SMITE: The Ultimate Joust Tips and Tricks For Players. Items are also very important to build against what you’re up against, and it’s also very important to know the abilities and combos of the opposing team gods. This is when you use a throwaway ban and ban Ah Puch.

I do like his ult though, not alot of damage, but just enough Same. Ah Puch has been my Go-To Mage for quite awhile now. I don't normally do a CD-Reduction Build so I can't actually throw out the combo frequently. I also can't afford to actually explode the Corpses willy-nilly either since I need to grab em for the CD-Recovery or the Mana/HP. For SMITE on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "ah puch". Download now [ Direct download link Windows ] After 2 weeks successful beta testing we are happy to add SMITE Gameplay Xbox One Joust Versus as Ah Puch – Let’s crack a to our tool list. This program will not let you down. Download file is 100% safe and clean. SMITE Gameplay Xbox One Joust [].

if you're going to build cdr on the puck at least build it at the end for the love of god, the only thing the puck has going for him is damage and thats it, and if you build blue bootschronos for your starting items it may as well be a 4v5 for the next 15 minutes for your team. i have seen so many ah puch players just rush this and i dont. Ah Puch is the Maya god of death and protector of the Sword of Ek Chuaj. Ah Puch is larger and taller than Four Arms. He wears a mask on the upper part of his face and is toothless. He also wears what appeared to be a pair of circular earrings. His clothing consists of a blue ancient Maya garb. 04/11/2016 · Ah Puch Cosplay SMITE: Hello! My name is Bear and this is my Ah Puch from the game, SMITE. He's from the Mayan pantheon and is nicknamed the "Horrific God of Decay". Sounds like a swell fella, right? Since he and I bear such a striking resemblance, the real question was. It just sounds more repulsive. Ah Puch likes to surface at night and skulk around in really scary mode. A putrefying corpse with an owl’s head is his favorite outfit. Wishing to look the part he uses the eyes of the dead to add the finishing touches to his headgear. For some reason Ah Puch often has bells tied to his hair, but he is not being. 17/04/2016 · Welcome to the SMITE God Reveal for Ah Puch, Horrific God of Decay. Subscribe to SMITE on YouTube to unlock Nu Wa, and the YouTube.SMITE Ah Puch Joust Gameplay w/ Commentary. Enjoy! Subscribe Twitter.Read under this! Lots of cool things!

SMITE Gameplay Xbox One Joust Versus as Ah Puch – Let’s crack a. This file was added by davion505. All files are tested before published, some of files may have flagged by AV, but we assure there is no threats to your PC. Download AH PUCH SMITE 2.2 MB Lagu Mp3 & MP4 di. Kumpulan Lagu AH PUCH SMITE Mp3 Full Album. Streaming AH PUCH SMITE dan lirik lagu AH PUCH SMITE. 25/10/2017 · John is Metabomb's Editor in Chief, and is responsible for all of the Hearthstone news, features and guides content on the site. On this page you'll find a round-up of the top Mayan Ah Puch decks for Hand of the Gods Smite Tactics, with the best.

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